About Stevan’s Music

Stevan Jackson is a multi-instrumentalist who wears many hats. One of those is as a singer-songwriter, creating melodies and writing lyrics to songs in numerous genres with multi-variant themes. He incorporates a multitude of instruments as vehicles to convey the message of his songs to the listener. Another hat is as a composer of instrumental tone poems for Celtic harp, guitar, piano, mandolin, and banjo. The audience will always hear some of his original material within his musical performances.

And a third hat is as a performer of traditional ballads and stories. Stevan sings material with messages that will move an audience as well as make them think about life. Like a silversmith who produces fine works of jewelry and other precious items, Stevan is a tunesmith who interlaces song and story with a magical flair. During his eclectic weavings, the audience may hear Celtic harp, guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, Autoharp, or tin whistle intertwined in the background of a song or a story. Or he may weave melody and counter melody into an instrumental solo of fine musical lace and filigree within a folk, classical, pop, jazz, or original melodic setting. As a trained ethnomusicologist, much of his material highlights music from different cultures in an informative and entertaining manner.

Harp Water Color by Brenda Behr